Patience of the weavers

Silk carpets of Hereke, differ from other carpets with their difference in weaving system and mastery of the weavers of that region. First of all, these carpets which have too many knots in each cm2 are produced with at least (10*10) 100 double knots. There is no limit for making more and more knots. With 1024 knots in one cm2, the world’s finest carpets was produced by weavers in Hereke.

The quality of the carpets in this book is 14x14, 16x16 and 20x20. which means a maxiynum of 400 double knots in one cm2.


To be able to weave Hereke carpets, a remarkable patience is required as well as skillful hands. To help you understand the hardness of this jub, we ask you to put 400 spots with pencil in one cm2. We can imagine how hard time you are having even while putting points with a pencil.

Now can you imagine the patience of a weaver who makes 400 knots in one square centimeter and while doing that who reflects the pattern oyy the carpet with 27 different colors?People usually ask us how much time does it take to weave a carpet. Our carpet named Hasbahçe on page 40 of our book is 23x30 cm and has a quality of 20x20.

Number of entire knots on this carpet is 280,000. One weaver can only make 2000 knots in a day, which means that this carpet completed in about 5 months.

Since these carpets are works of art, as KORHAN HALI, we consider all our weavers as artists. Therefore, just like you cannot press a painter to finish his/her work qyyickly, we don't press oyyr weavers to complete the carpet quickly as well. As Hereke silk carpets reflect the mood of the weaver, weavers can yield different work qualities at different times. And this is what makes each HEREKE silk carpet has a different taste.
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