A silkworm shows an astonishing performance compared to its short Life-cycle and discharges about 1500 m. of silk. During production of Hereke silk carpet, only 1000 m. of it is used. Because, first and last 250 meters will negatively impact the quality of the silk, due to inexperience of the worm and its tiredness, respectively. With a special brush having a brass handier, tips of cocoons are located and after being counted, they are winded round the wheel in the back.

This is the wellknown old method that has been used for thousands of years. Another important characteristic of Hereke carpet is that, its production still involves the methods and techniques of centuries ago, despite mindboggling advancement of technology. Today we produce our Hereke carpets (14*14 and above) generally with 20/22 denye threads, which means if a cocoon is about 2,5 denye, 8 layers of cocoon will render 20/22 denye.

6 layers of 20/22 denye thread is strong enough to carry 6 kg. of bad. Along with its strength, it is one of the rare substances that human body accepts, because it organic.  Did you know that first thread used in medical operations in history, was silk?
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